The Radium Feeling

What is the "Radium feeling"?

We want to deliver a feeling that you currently associate with equipment that you are extremely satisfied with. Typically, this is equipment you have had for a long time and often have a personal relationship with. It is, for example, a good wrench, a good ax or the Landcruiser or the auger that always starts and runs. 

It is the feeling of equipment that enhances the experience and makes tasks easier. Often they follow the family. Often they remind you of who you are. Therefore, such items are often passed down, many still have "dad's best hammer" in their toolbox. It is this feeling that is the "Radium feeling".

The Radium feeling is:

Operational reliability: Use of the industry's best materials and manufacturing, including Swiss mechanical movement, results in maximum operational reliability and a product that is predictable in use.

Legibility: Numeral dial, markings and hands promote quick time reading through simplicity and clarity both in daylight and in the dark. 

Tactility: Using Norsk Hydro aluminum results in lower weight than, for example, steel, and together with a slightly curved case and curved lugs, maximum wearing comfort is achieved. As a Radium owner, you will typically forget that you are wearing a watch, and find it a little strange to change back to a regular steel watch.

Repairability: Using widely available world-class Swiss movements rather than in-house movements allows master watchmakers worldwide to repair the watch. They often have spare parts lying around and can take it on the day.

Proximity: Local production and use of Norwegian raw materials promotes Norwegian industry and provides a better climate calculation. For an awake person, this is important. We support that.