Radium Kommando klokke


Developed in collaboration with a band of highly motivated armed forces professionals, the Radium Kommando is instatntly recogizable by its "Kommando Dagger" symbol and a bold daily beater. The original Kommando features a deepe-graved honecomb dial.

The original Kommando has later been refined to include the new versions, Radium Kommando SJØ (sea) with a wave pattern blue lume and Radium Kommando LUFT (air) with a striking perforated pattern and yellow lume.

We currently offer Radium Kommando in SHORTLUG (SL) AUTO only, and await delivery of Kommando SJØ and AIR versions. So follow this page or subscripe to our newsletter to be the first to know when they are back in stock.



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Kommando SJØ SL AutoKommando SJØ SL Auto
Kommando SJØ SL Auto Sale price27.990,00 kr
Kommando LUFT SL AutoKommando LUFT SL Auto
Kommando LUFT SL Auto Sale price27.990,00 kr
Kommando SL AutoKommando SL Auto
Kommando SL Auto Sale price27.990,00 kr
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Kommando SL Auto 2023
Kommando SL Auto 2023 Sale price24.990,00 kr