About us

Welcome fellow lover of fine hand made time pieces

Some people refer to the watch as a man's only jewlery. We respectfully disagree. Radium is not in the jewlery business. We're in the tools business. We are a retrospective of Norwegian industrial history. 

Our sand blasted aluminum casing, historical form factor and focus on at-a-glance time reading, has made Radium Norway's most iconic manfucturer of high quality time pieces. 

We started in 2013 and will be celebrating our ten year anniversary in 2023.

Production takes place in Oslo and the surrounding area, in close collaboration with mechanics and other domain experts that we  have close personal relationships with. 

The casing is milled at Stålfjæra in Oslo, from a single piece of Norsk Hydro aluminum. The dial is laser engraved in Ski, just outside of Oslo. The lume and dial paint is all done by hand. The final product is assembled at our offices in Tveita, Oslo.  

Our mission is to create that special feeling you get when you handle premium tools and equpiment of the highest quality.

The simple, analog  movement kan be serviced by any certified mechanic. We do this so that you'll have a watch to last not just one lifetime, but one that can be passed down from one generation to the next.  

We're convinced that our Norwegian customers are the most enthusiastic, and we look forwards to staying in touch with you through our owner's group Facebook page ORION // Official Radium Instruments Owners Norway.