One of us: Steinar Sagen


I am very content at the moment. I’m doing the things I like to do, making the podcast Papaya with my kid brother and Bjarte. And I’m making a kind of couples podcast with my wife Catrin, which is really fun. I’m also anxiously waiting to see if there will be another season of “Alltid Beredt” on TVNorge/Discovery - something I hope for, because it was a lot of fun to make. It has also been well received. So I mostly do the things I feel like doing. Which is actually a bit too much, but as long as it's fun, I think it's fine. Just wish I had a little more time to get out in nature. It's my biggest hobby.


Yes. I have a big family, with a wife and four children aged six, 12, 15 and 16 - the two oldest are so far bonus kids, but we are a big and happy bunch. It's very nice and hectic. We have also just moved to a new house, so a lot of renovations, which is a nightmare! Maybe that's why I seek out the woods ​​to get some breathing space, although I also like to bring the gang there along.



I have taken on the role that I think I would have done if I were to be a Scout leader in real life. You kind of have to be a bit motherly, a bit strict and a bit besserwisser, rise a bit above the scouts to gain respect and authority, but at the same time be a friend and have a bit of a twinkle in your eye (laughs). My persona is interspersed with a certain percentage of irony as well. But really fun to make, a little silly, a little cozy, and quite funny. Proud of that production.


I'm not the typical, obsessive watch fanatic that a lot men tend to become when they approach fifty. So I'm not into Rolex and that stuff, really. I've seen a couple of Panerai watches that I've drooled over, but I think they're over-priced. But then Radium came into my life, which I think has certain similarities with Panerai. I know some people call it the Nordic Panerai due to its bold simplicity. I've had a couple of Casio Pathfinder and G-Shock watches, and was a bit fascinated by all the functions. I also have a Garmin watch and a Seiko.

Kristopher Schau spoke very favorably about Radium in a podcast a few years ago - that sparked my interest. He described the green dial of the Original Radium Woodpecker, and I got curious and googled it and was smitten. Then I liked your Facebook page. When you announced a while ago that you were looking for ambassadors, I sent a message. And now I have a Radium Instrument on my wrist.



It's local. I really like that it is Norwegian-made, that it's made of Norwegian aluminum, milled and assembled in Oslo, dial and other things done around Oslo, too. There is also the robustness of course, and the simple style. It's apt for both everyday use and when dressing up. Not that I dress up (laughs). It's a sober eye-catcher, that's what it is.

Very sweet, the gang that work at Tveita, it was great to meet the group that produces the watches. It was a lot of fun to see the production premises and touch the different models. It makes it all real.

The most difficult part was to decide which model I wanted. Sabotør II is awesome and I love the look, but in the end went for the Original Radium Tobakk SL Auto  and it looks absolutely fantastic. Feels like it was made for me.

Radium gives me this national-romantic feeling, but in a nice and sympathetic way. By wearing a Norwegian-made instrument on your arm, you somehow show that you are proud to be from Norway without necessarily having to say it out loud or talk down to others. Kinda like “We can make watches in this country too”. It's cool.



Of course, I use the watch every day! I want it to become a part of me and be with me always. I'm really looking forward to maybe getting a scratch or two, that the strap gets a little worn and gets a patina. The wife is jealous, so I'll see if I have to get her one too. After all, I had Sabotør II for a while, and actually really liked that I had to wind it. It became a daily ritual. I expect one of the young ones to inherit it when I die.



Thanks right back!