.38 - The Next Big Thing from Radium is Actually Smaller

In a world where every step towards sustainability matters, Norway's sole home-grown watch brand, Radium Instruments, takes a significant leap forward. Radium has always stood as a name synonymous with quality, innovation, and Norwegian heritage. Now, they are ready to usher tradition into a more sustainable future with the launch of their new Radium .38 series. This marks not just a shift in design but a reinforced commitment to the environment.

A New Era of Smaller, More Sustainable Watches

On the 19th of September, Radium Instruments proudly unveils its new watch series, the Radium .38. This launch symbolizes a return to a time where elegance meets functionality in a smaller package. This isn't just a size reduction from their classic 41mm design; it is a step towards a greener future, focusing on reducing carbon footprint and fostering a sustainable lifestyle.

Climate-Friendly Innovation with Norwegian DNA

Through a fruitful collaboration with Norsk Hydro, Radium Instruments has adopted Hydro CIRCAL, a recycled aluminium material comprising a minimum of 75% post-consumer aluminium scrap, in the manufacturing of their new series. This initiative not only means reduced CO2 emissions but also earmarks Radium as Norway's most climate-friendly watch.

As the company's founder and designer, Thomas Cappelen Malling, points out: "The idea with the Radium watch brand is to tell 'stories about who we are and where we come from.' Given the situation the planet is in, it is obvious that the owners of our watches want to represent positive change."

The Watch Collection that Defines the Times

The Radium .38 series encompasses four new models, each available in two variants, all powered by the legendary Swiss automatic movement ETA 2892-2. Each model narrates its own story, drawing inspiration from Radium's rich heritage, while bringing a fresh, modern touch that reflects the spirit of the times. From the iconic Original Radium to the innovative Radium Sabotør IV, each watch is a piece of art that combines timeless elegance with groundbreaking innovation.


Celebrating Norwegian Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This year, we celebrate not only the launch of a new collection but also Radium's effort in promoting sustainability in the watch industry. As the company's operations manager, Sjur Stangebye-Hansen, notes: "We are looking forward to showing our 'little novelty' Radium .38 Hydro CIRCAL in Oslo this September. We experience taking a stand both for the climate, Norwegian entrepreneurship, and watch enthusiasts of both genders."

The marking of this significant event will take place at the Oslo Swap Meet, a pivotal arena for horology enthusiasts in Norway. Here, you will have a unique opportunity to experience the new collection up close and witness how Radium Instruments takes watch design to the next level, both aesthetically and ethically.

This is not just a celebration of a new collection; it is a tribute to a new era of sustainability, innovation, and Norwegian entrepreneurship. Join us on this journey, where the Radium .38 leads the way in a movement towards a greener, more sustainable future, without compromising on quality and elegance.

Discover the Radium .38 series on the 19th of September and become part of the change. With Radium on your wrist, you are not just wearing a symbol of the passage of time but also a sign of a brighter, greener future.