Circal is no ordinary aluminum

Hydro Circal: The Sustainable Aluminum Revolutionizing Radium Watches

When it comes to making a sustainable choice, every component matters—even the materials that go into your watch. At Radium, we've always prided ourselves on using high-quality, Norwegian aluminum from Norsk Hydro. But we're taking it a step further with Hydro Circal, an innovative, recycled aluminum that's setting new standards for environmental responsibility.

A Commitment to Climate Action

Hydro Circal is no ordinary aluminum. It's made with a minimum of 75% recycled, post-consumer aluminum scrap. This not only drastically cuts down on energy use during production but also reduces the CO2 footprint, making it a truly climate-friendly material.

More than Just Material

Our collaboration with Norsk Hydro goes beyond just sourcing aluminum. They have been an active partner in the prototyping phase, providing invaluable data to optimize the use of Circal material. This synergy is not just about making watches; it's about making a difference.

A Watch that Tells More Than Time

The Radium brand is rooted in stories—stories about who we are and where we come from. As stewards of the planet, it's our responsibility to pave the way for positive change. By choosing a Radium watch made with Hydro Circal, you're not just keeping time; you're keeping a commitment to a sustainable future.